So, I am 9x AWS certified at 17. How did I get here?

I have been messing with computers and software, especially since I was in 7th grade. But didn’t take it seriously until 2018. I got my first home lab in February 2018. It was my first touch…

Chaos Engineering is a critical part of building a well-architected solution, and as much, should be a part of many mature platforms. Over the years, there have been many solutions, going from Chaos Monkey made by Netflix, Gremlin, and now AWS FIS. …

Recently, I wrote a story about comparing Anthos and ECS, concluding that they are for different use cases. Now that EKS Anywhere finally dropped, time to compare it against Anthos!

First, let’s look at pure architecture. Both k8s solutions run their own control plane on-premise, so you can be completely…

Cloud security is complex. And it is even worse when you start adopting different toolings within the cloud to make your infrastructure more reliable and performant. This is where tools like SumoLogic come in to help!

This blog will go through setting up SumoLogic as an observability layer on your…

Today I felt like learning something new, so let's get into building custom Prometheus exporters in python!

To preface a few terms.
Prometheus: Prometheus is a metrics collection and aggregation platform. It is really popular in a cloud-native environment.
Exporter: Exporters are software that collects non-Prometheus native metrics and exposes them…

AWS recently released ECS Anywhere™️ as a competition to Anthos. So, of course, I will write an article to compare them.

Feature Comparison:

ECS Anywhere utilizes the native ECS API to manage container orchestration while Anthos utilizes Kubernetes API. Both are highly mature APIs that's been in production by many…

Zhixiang Zhao

Software Engineer at Fusebit | 9xAWS Certified | Terraform associate

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